5 Types Of Theme Buffets For Your Next Gathering

Laid-back Summer BBQ

The summer barbecue is a classic when it comes to themed buffets because it never fails to get people to loosen up and enjoy the party.

Also, summer food features many kinds of crowd favourites: grilled meats, burgers, seafood or even grilled corn and other veggies. Summer themes can also range from the sophisticated regattas to carefree beach luaus: no matter what vibe you want to go for, laid-back summer barbecues will always be a hit.

Carnival-inspired Spread

Bring out the playfulness of your guests by reminding them of the whimsy of carnivals and fairs!

Of course, it doesn’t need to be restricted to the popcorn and corn dogs staple in amusement parks. From hand-held hors d’oeuvres to easy-to-handle servings of ribs or barbecued squid, get the carnival vibe by letting your guests help themselves to individual servings that they can bring back to their tables. Plus points if you have a candy buffet table for all the sweet desserts!

Game Night!

Whether you prefer sports, video games or board games, a game night theme sets people in the mood for some healthy competition and delicious finger foods.

You can even have the buffet itself add to the fun by making your guests pledge their allegiance via the food they pile on their plates: Are they #TeamCheesesticks or #TeamJalapenoDynamites? Tacos or Burritos? Pasta or Pizza? Let the food bring out the team spirit, no matter if you’re watching a sports event together or setting out for a rousing game of Settlers Of Catan.

Hollywood Glam

Having a glamorous theme allows people to dress up and feel like a star. Punch up their celebrity status with a buffet filled with delicacies befitting A-Listers. Bring out the drinks, set out the caviar and foie gras, and let your guests feel their “fifteen minutes of fame”.

You can also pay homage to bygone stars of your era of choice. Let your guests feel the bandstand charm of the 60s or sensational elegance of 1940s Hollywood, or even treat them to a MET Gala-themed spread with a buffet of flavours that celebrate the allure and eccentricity of showbiz.

Murder Mystery Buffet

Ready to infuse mystery into your party? The murder mystery is a type of party where people roleplaying as certain characters tasked to uncover and solve a fictional crime. Usually set with a genre in mind -- for example, a 1920s soiree or a Latin American wedding, murder mystery parties are fun because it gives guests a chance to mingle and collaborate towards a common goal. The food reflects the party atmosphere: it’s the perfect avenue for canapes, cheese plates and wine. Want to make your murder mystery even more fun? Hide a clue in the buffet.

These are just some of our favourites ideas when it comes to themed buffets. Of course, to make these parties work, your catering service should be reliable, creative and most of all, serve delicious food. Serve Best is the perfect combination of these ideals, catering to a wide variety of themed buffets for families, corporations and organisations since the 90s.

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