Planning the Perfect Catering for Your Wedding: 6 Tips from Serve Best

Planning the Perfect Catering for Your Wedding: 6 Tips from Serve Best

Planning the Perfect Catering for Your Wedding: 6 Tips from Serve Best

For many couples, the wedding is a momentous occasion to be remembered — a celebration not just for themselves, but for the many friends, family and loved ones they invite. But with many guests also comes expectations to manage. Successful weddings are built upon months and months of careful planning.

While it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the aspects of wedding planning — from the theme to attires, decorations, to the ceremony and much more, food is arguably one of the biggest investments you can make to perfect your special day.

Why? From canapes to main courses, food brings people together. And the last thing you want are hangry guests at your tables! Planning food for a wedding can be daunting, hundreds of guests also mean catering to hundreds of different tastes and preferences. Don’t worry though, having catered and pleased guests at countless weddings, Serve Best is here to give you our top 6 catering tips for your wedding.


1. Set Your Food Budget

Before you start dreaming of succulent lobsters.. decadent foie gras.. juicy filet mignons and any other luxury dishes you want to taste on your wedding day, it’s important to first set a budget for your menu before making your food choices. After all, you don’t put the cart before the horse.

A good caterer can prepare excellent menus at all budgets, so it is important to communicate yours to the caterer beforehand so they can present options that meet your needs.

2. Share Your Theme

Think of food as a piece of the overall puzzle that is your wedding. Communicate the theme of your wedding to your caterer so they can match the food to your vision — like dumplings and noodles at an oriental wedding, or eclairs and western-inspired dishes for a classic church wedding.

This can also affect how food is served. Formal weddings might want waiters who serve plates to tables, while more casual affairs might opt for buffet-style to give guests more opportunities to mingle.

3. Gauge the Numbers

Preparing fresh food for a large number of people is a delicate act of preparing bulk ingredients and managing cook times to deliver dishes that are ready to be eaten in their best state. That is why all caterers have lead times and an extra fee for rush orders.

Even if you don’t know the exact number of guests who will be RSVP-ing, a rough gauge is good enough for your caterer to have an idea of how much food to be prepared. Not only will this help save you from rush charges, but it also gives your caterer more prep time to create your dream menu just how you want it.

4. Dietary Requirements/Restrictions

Check your guests’ dietary requirements or restrictions when sending your RSVP. You don’t want someone feeling left out and hungry at your wedding.

Before you choose a caterer, see if they can accommodate typical dietary requirements like vegetarian, gluten-free, Halal certified, as well as allergies like nuts, seafood and lactose. Most caterers will have alternative items on the menu to meet dietary needs, you just have to tell them how much to prepare.

5. Check If Your Venue is Caterer-friendly

Some venues place restrictions on where caterers can set-up or have a shortlist of caterers they work with. It is prudent to check with the venue on their rules and regulations for caterers before you make your decision.

You’ll also have to inform your caterer on how you plan to use the venue and share the flow of events on your wedding day. Invite your caterer down to visit the venue with you beforehand so you can plan where to set up and discuss other contingencies such as if a lift breaks down, alternative routes to the venue or bad weather if your wedding is outdoors.

6. Be Meticulous During Your Food Tasting

Food tasting is when your caterer lets you try the dishes that will be served on the wedding day itself. This is a valuable time to give your feedback and let them know what you like or do not like.

While it all ultimately comes down to how the food tastes, don’t just focus on flavour alone. You still need to pay close attention to other factors to make sure your caterer gets things exactly how you like it. Questions like — is the food served at the right temperature? Is the presentation suitable for your wedding? Do the ingredients on the plate go well together?

Remember, food is not just for your mouth, but for your eyes and nose to enjoy as well! So you want to make sure your caterer nails down every detail before your big day.

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