Mini Buffet: The Ideal Choice For A Small Gathering

One would think that mini gatherings are a lot less work, but the truth is, without the crush of people and a programme designed to entertain a huge number of guests, you are left to make sure that your party still feels special. An intimate gathering throws all your party prep into the spotlight: the decor more noticeable, the food more scrutinized. As we ease into better times and small gatherings are given the okay, celebrating life’s winning moments deserves a set-up that makes bringing together your nearest and dearest just as special as a huge party.

Smaller gatherings make it easier to set up a sit-down course meal, though this makes the party feel more formal and on some occasions, intimidatingly fancy. A family-style serving, on the other hand, tips your gathering to the too-casual side. If you’re looking to strike a balance between making your bash feel special but still home-y, consider choosing a mini-buffet food set-up.

With a mini-buffet, you can allow your guests a chance to mingle while offering a wide array of food options they can mix and match. It also makes a gathering feel more like a party even if you are limited to 15-20 guests.  Here are some more reasons why a mini-buffet is the best choice for your small gathering:


More Convenient

Cooking for a family of 5 may be easy, but setting up a menu for 15 to 20 people can be a challenge for any home cook. As the host, there are still many other preparations that require your attention, and slaving away in the kitchen can eat up most of your precious time. A mini-buffet takes the food prep out of your to-do list, and all you have to do is to order it beforehand.



Different diet restrictions among your guests mean that you have to have options with the food you are serving, and prepping for different dishes can raise the cost of your gathering quickly. With a mini-buffet, you hit the sweet spot of ordering a menu that can feed a huge number of people and the ability to give your guests a way to pick and choose what to put in their plates. A mini-buffet also gives more wiggle room for an undefined guestlist: you don’t have to worry about any added cost to feed the plus one that one of your guests brought unannounced.


Less Wasted Food

Buffets allow your guests to be spoiled for choice when it comes to their food, giving them a wider range of dishes to mix and match to their heart’s content. At the same time, buffets may be too overwhelming for a small party, leaving you with containers of leftovers you cannot finish before they go bad. Mini buffets, on the other hand, are specially designed to make the most out of your budget so you don’t have to worry about extra food when you’re only feeding 20 people or fewer.


At Serve Best, our signature Mini Buffet gives you the option to choose a balanced, curated meal for your small gathering. With varied choices for rice/noodles, mains like poultry, fish, sotong and vegetables, sides, and even desserts, you can make sure that your guests get deliciously prepared dishes at your party. You can even include add-ons like mango pudding or apple crumble to further delight your guests!


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