Wedding Banquet or Wedding Catering?

Planning a wedding can be exhausting and confusing. One of the crucial aspects of a wedding is the meal selection and how it will be served.

Should you have a banquet or catering? What are the differences between the two? Which one is more suitable with your wedding’s theme, guest size, and budget? Here are the top considerations for wedding food preparation, and the pros and cons of having a banquet or catering.


A wedding would never be complete without the food. Serving delicious and filling meals is a great way to say thank you to your guests, that is why this is one of the utmost priorities in wedding planning.

Banquet –
meals served in a banquet are known to be luxurious - like a full course meal complete with a dessert. Serving is more elegant to maintain a pleasant and heart-warming ambiance of the union. Often, meals are followed with a speech from a guest of honour while the rest of the guests remain seated.

Pros: Perfect for a grandiose, black-tie themed wedding. The sophistication of each meal leaves a great impression on their palettes.

Cons: It may be perceived as stiff or too complicated for more carefree newlywed and/or guests.


Catering – Guests may be able to enjoy a unique selection of meals that may be necessarily luxurious. The mealtime is usually left uninterrupted while being accompanied by background music, and people can roam around to mingle.

Pros: There is more flexibility and options for the food choices.

Cons: Left to the inexperienced hands, there are more rooms for mistakes in choosing meals that may not suit the event (or each other).

Guest Size

People can come across numerous problems with the guest list. Cancellations, plus-ones, and table location causes distress not only to the planner but also to the invited. You want to make sure all of them are well-served.

Banquet – Luxury comes with a price. With a full course meal for each person, a banquet is unsurprisingly costly, which is why this type of setting is better with a smaller guest size.

Pros: A shorter guest list can help you narrow down to having close family members and guests of honour only.

Cons: With a large guest size, the cost of the food may overwhelm a newlywed couple’s budget. With a small guest size, the couple may have to leave out some of their friends and colleagues.

Catering – Due to its affordable meal options, couples can accommodate their huge families and friends.

Pros: There are more people who will be with you to celebrate the wonderful milestone.

Cons: If the food is too delicious, a large guest size may quickly empty the serving table(s)


Different people want to have different themes. Even when a wedding is traditionally a solemn and tear-jerking milestone, many couples have integrated modern trends to make their wedding day more fun and memorable

Banquet – With its luxurious nature, a banquet is more fitting for formal events.

Pros: A desirable situation for newlyweds who would rather have a solemn celebration.

Cons: May not be the most ideal with fun-loving and carefree families and friends.


Catering – Aside for weddings, catering can also accommodate birthday parties and other forms of celebration whether formal or informal.

Pros: Flexible to any theme of the wedding, whether it may be traditional or unique to their love story.

Cons: If the catering service doesn’t offer consultation, it’s up to the client to decide the set-up that should suit the overall theme.


Wedding planning can take most of your time, energy, and money. As much as you want to make the event as perfect as possible, you also want to make sure that it stays within the budget.

Banquet – A set filled with complex full course meals would require a bigger budget allotment. Usually, these are the kinds of food that are served in high-class restaurants and hotels.

Pros: You’ll be able to experience food in a grandest manner – fitting for a grand event. You can be rest assured that every bite is worth every cent.

Cons: Unsurprisingly, the bill can be intimidating for the newlywed.


Catering – For an affordable price, some catering services only offer food for its services. But others like Serve Best Catering can offer more like thematic set-up and venue all for a reasonable price.

Pros: With the money saved, newlyweds can be more eager to start the new chapter of their lives.

Cons: There is always a hint of doubt if something is affordable. Choosing the best catering services with its food and service exceed the price is difficult.

If you’ve decided to have a catering service for your special day, you don’t have to look any further. Serve Best Catering can cover your wedding wishes to make your once-in-a-lifetime moment unforgettable. For weddings or any type of event that you want, contact us in